Monday 1-27-20 Go to Los Algodonnes to Check out Dental and Optical

Woke to a warmer, but windy morning. Overnight low was 51F and high today was 76F. At 11:00AM we rode with Donna to Los Algodonnes, Baja California, Mexico. It is a few miles SW of Yuma. We parked in the Quechan Indian Parking Lot and headed across the border. It is an easy walk from […]

Friday 1-24-20 Donna is Charging with Solar & We Move to La Posa South

It was another clear, sunny day. Overnight low was 48F and high today was 75F. Ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk. Started putting outdoor equipment away in preparation for moving. Dug’s solar was putting out a lot more power, from the time the sun was barely up. We got started finishing up Donna’s […]

Wednesday 1-22-20 RTR Seminars and Shrimp for Dinner

Cloudy with drizzle this morning. Low overnight 49F and high today 67F. Donna, Rhoda, Dug and I left for the La Paz County Fairgrounds at 9:20AM for the RTR Seminars. At 10:00AM we went to “Medical in Algodonnes/Travel in Baja”. We learned quite a bit about going to Mexico. The Algodonnes was done by Silvianne […]