Friday 1-10-20 Met Two Neighbors

Day started out clear and windy. 42F low overnight. Up to about 70 F for a high.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Joy got up and wanted to go out. Our neighbor was outside, so we walked over to talk to him. His name is Mike and he has about a 20′ travel trailer. The travel trailer is new and replaced a homemade one. He is from Idaho.

Checked things out on the Internet then made a sandwich for lunch.

Took Joy out for a long walk up on the hill. Nice view of our camp site

Noticed a fifth wheel had pulled in. We went over to look at it. The license plate was from North Dakota. Knocked on the door. His name is Bill and he is from Dickinson. He is a retired teacher. He was wearing a NDSU Bison shirt. His brother is also down here.

We went into Walmart to buy printer ink. Went in past YPG on US-95. Went to Walmart on Ave B.

On the way back we stopped at Harbor Freight and. 99 Cent Only

Drove back on S24 and Bard. Stopped at Bard for mail. I got a K-cup holder from Amazon.

There was a beautiful sunset in the west

and a huge moon coming up in the east

Made pork chops, Yukon Gold potatoes with scallions and coleslaw for dinner.

Watched The Bone Collector, Magnum P.I. and Blue Bloods.

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