Friday 1-24-20 Donna is Charging with Solar & We Move to La Posa South

It was another clear, sunny day. Overnight low was 48F and high today was 75F.

Ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk. Started putting outdoor equipment away in preparation for moving.

Dug’s solar was putting out a lot more power, from the time the sun was barely up.

We got started finishing up Donna’s solar. Finished getting the 120 VAC from inverter to the Shore Power Compartment. The Winnebago Outlook didn’t come with a Transfer Switch, so will have to order one.

Dug cut out holes for the Battery Meter and Inverter Switch

Meter on top and switch under it

I finished wiring the Controller Panel and Dug connected the Panel and Battery Cables

Connected the Batteries and installed the Victron App on Donna’s Android Phone.

We finished loading, Dug took a shower and we were ready to go.

Dug and Rhoda we’re headed back to California.

Stopped for Propane on the way through Quartzsite

It took 18 gallons

Stopped and registered at La Posa South

Drove to the Dump Station and waited in line

Filled with water

and drove to the same place we parked a couple weeks ago

Donna drove us into Quartzite. We stopped at Johnson RV so Cathy could look at a Vista 31KE

We then went to Sweet Darlene’s for the Fish Fry

The meal was good. They have interesting murals. They also have a Gift Store.


Went back to the motorhomes and watched TV.

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