Friday 1-31-20 Arizona Market Place

Sunny overnight low was 52F and the high today was 74F. It was still windy.

After breakfast I took Joy for a walk. We talked to Bernie. He has to go to his granddaughter’s college graduation in California. He thinks he will be in the Flagstaff area then. He will just drive his car to California.

We planned yesterday to go to the Arizona Market Place flea market on 4E today. Cathy didn’t want to go, but Donna did. I said I would go and Donna said she would drive.We went in on US-95 and turned on Araby and then 32nd St to 4E.

The parking lot was almost full. We parked in the E row

Thursday and Friday are free. They are open Thursday thru Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM.It is a covered area with canvas stalls. There were a lot of customers

I waited in the Food Court with an Amber Bach for Donna

I listened to Bryan Keith while I waited

When Donna came we left and headed to the Walmart on Pacific Ave.

We stopped at the post office in Bard and then stopped at Imperial Date Gardens for date shakes. They have some strangely named items for sale, something like the Jerky Store in Parker


Had our leftovers from last night for dinner, still a complete meal

Watched the Ted Bundy Special

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