Monday 1-20-20 Dug & Rhoda Come and We Start Donna’s Solar Install

Overcast this morning, but warm. Overnight low was 56F. High today was 76F.Had breakfast and took Joy for a walk. We talked to the teen age boy traveling with his family and parked behind us. They have 4 children and home school on the road. They are from Texas and have been in Arizona 6 weeks.Called Tim to see how Mary’s knee surgery was going. They were 40 minutes into the operation. He texted later that it went well.Took Cathy to the Big Tent. Traffic was terribleDropped Cathy off and found a parking spot in Tyson Wells. Checked out the vendors at Tyson Wells then went to Beer Belly’sI stood for awhile and when a table opened up I took it. A man from Indiana joined me. He came up from Yuma for the day. Two guys, one from Montana and one from Kansas asked if they could join us. The one from Kansas bought us a beer. Cathy called and said she would meet me there. When she came, the guy from Kansas said he sure appreciated me buying all the beer. There were about 10 bottles on the table.We stopped at McDonald’s for 69cent cones.When we got back to the motorhome, Clyde and Nancy had left. They left a note on our step.Dug & Rhoda got to our campsite about 3:00PM.Donna got out the solar componentsWe prepped Donna’s Solar panel for mountingCleaned the roofand stuck the panel down with 3m VHB 4950 tapeWe then called it a dayDonna brought out beer from a brewery in TempeDonna made hamburgers and pasta salad, Rhoda brought cauliflower and Cathy left oversAfter dinner we had a campfire

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