Monday 1-20-20 Dug & Rhoda Come and We Start Donna’s Solar Install

Overcast this morning, but warm. Overnight low was 56F. High today was 76F.Had breakfast and took Joy for a walk. We talked to the teen age boy traveling with his family and parked behind us. They have 4 children and home school on the road. They are from Texas and have been in Arizona 6 […]

Thursday 1-16-20 Jeanne Leaves and We Check Out Main Street Flea Market

Donna and Jeanne left at 9:00AM for Mesa. Jeanne had a 3:00PM Allegiant flight to Fargo. Donna was back in Quartzite by 3;30PM After seeing Donna and Jeanne off I had the usual breakfast. Then took Joy for a walk. I made a Salami sandwich for lunch. We then headed into town to the hardware […]

Wednesday 1-15-20 WRTR Blue Water Casino Beer Belly’s

Another warm sunny day in the desert. We drove to cars up to the La Paz County Fairgrounds, site of the WRTR. Men weren’t allowed, so we drove to the Blue Water Casino Donna and Jeanne got Players Cards and played their free $10 Jeanne won $17.44 and Donna lost everything We left the casino […]

Tuesday 1-14-20 we Meet Up With Donna and Jeanne

Another day like the last several days, over night lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s, clear and little wind. Had breakfast and walked Joy. Got things ready to drive to Quartzite. Noticed an unusual combination of vehicles that pulled in A pickup, fifth wheel trailer and a Jeep. They had Wyoming license […]