Saturday 1-25-20 We Move to Quail Hill Imperial Dam

Another more or less perfect day. Clear, no wind 48F overnight. The high in Yuma where we moved to was 77F.

Got up and ate usual breakfast. Joy wanted to go for a walk, so we walked over to the motorhome with the Citroen 2CV towed.

It is a 1966 model. They had to Min Pin dogs that Joy got along with. Walked by motorhome with Trump and Don’t Tread On Me flags

Donna went in to the Big Tent to get a part for her Blue Ox tow bar.

When Donna got back we got ready to leave

We headed south on US-95. We stopped at Stone Cabin

There isn’t much left. Interesting flags on hill

We got to Quail Hill Imperial Dam a little after 2:00PM.

I checked spots for best cell signal. Spot I picked has good Verizon wireless, but no AT&T

After we got the motorhomes set up, we took Donna on a tour. Up to the Contact Station, Dump and Water on the Mesa, Squaw Lake, Post Office in Bard, 99 Cent Only and Harbor Freight in Yuma and Walmart in the Foothills.

Got back to motorhomes at dark. I made spaghetti and spaghetti sauce. Donna made coleslaw and garlic toast. We had some of the spoiled wine Kathryn gave me. Donna and I both liked it.

Watched Dateline and SNL

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