Saturday 1-4-20 Didn’t Leave the Campsite

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel. Listened to Fox News.

Joy got up and wanted to go on a walk. Took her all the way around the upper campground. Talked to a man from Florida another from British Columbia and saw Bruce walking Spud.

Went back to motorhome and checked things out on the Internet.

Joy saw Rick our neighbor and wanted to go over there. He is still having problems with his water pump blowing fuses. His partner cleaned the windshield on their Country Coach.

While we were there some Ultra Lites flew over.

One had a rubber dingy so it could take off and land on water.

When we got back, Cathy went for a walk. She went down to the lower camping level. She met a couple from Lake Havasu City that rent their house through Air BnB and stay in a fifth wheel trailer at a campground when it is rented. It is rented through all of January.

She also met the Robinson Family, a musical group from Tennessee. They don’t travel for work anymore. They were singing and playing instruments.

I made vegetables in the Air Fryer and sausage and onions in the frying pan and mixed them together for dinner. Also Red Leaf Butterball Lettuce and Avacado Salad.

Watched Dateline and Saturday Night Live

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