Sunday 1-12-20 Drive Around LTVA

Another perfect weather day. About 40F over night and 65F for a high, almost no wind or clouds.

Listened to Fox News in bed on Echo Dot mounted on wall next to bed

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Took Joy for a walk.

Went back to motorhome and made a pot of a new coffee Cathy picked up at Tuesday Morning, Kahlua White Russian

Played ball with Joy.

Talked with neighbor Mike for quite awhile about his travel trailer. It was his 84th birthday.

Cathy came and joined us.

Cathy and I drove up Ferguson Road to the Mesa.

We drove around the Mesa looking at the variety of RVs.

Saw some nice Ocotillo

Stopped at Contact Station and picked up a map of Imperial Dam LTVA. The volunteers at the Contact Station were from Alberta

Imperial Dam LTVA Map

Drove down to Squaw Lake

Cathy was going to take a shower. 2 of the 4 showers were out of order

The showers are nice

One is for handicapped with removable spray

There is camping at Squaw Lake, but it requires a different permit. $15/night or $75 annual. Only 14 days out of 28 days and then you must leave for 14 days.

The reservoir was pretty

Went back to motorhome and played ball with Joy.

Made chicken salads with chicken strips, Avacado, peppers, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce and Spinach. Cooked the chicken strips in the air fryer

Watched 60 Minutes and YouTube videos

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