Sunday 1-26-20 Gravel Pit Jam Session

Another perfect weather day. Overnight low 52F and high 76F. Clear most of the day but some clouds moved in this afternoon.

Turned TV on and watched Talladega Nights. I had forgotten how funny it was.

After breakfast, Joy and I went for a walk. We met Willie and his wife Bernice behind us in a travel trailer. They live in Hemet, CA. Willie has been coming here for over 40 years. Also met Al and Jan from Waterloo, Ontario in a fifth wheel trailer. They just came down from Quartzite. They weren’t familiar with LTVAs and thought this was a 14 day site. They are on their way to San Diego to get their Magnum Inverter serviced.

At 1:30PM Donna and I went up to the Gravel Pit Ramada to check out the Jam Fest.

On the way up from Senator Wash Road we saw two burros

There is a large group that make up the band

We drove back via the Christian Center

Spent the afternoon reading and sitting outside

Made Stir Fry with leftover shrimp, pork and vegetables

Donna brought some peppers for the Stir Fry and tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers for the salads. I had a Tecate beer with dinner

Watched the Grammys and tributes to Kobe Bryant.

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