Thursday 1-23-20 La Mesa RV & Donna’s Solar Install

Perfect morning. Clear, no wind and 49F overnight low. The high today was 70F.

Had breakfast and took Joy for a walk.

Dug and Rhoda went into Quartzite.

Made a Salami sandwich for lunch

About 1:00PM Donna, Cathy and I went in to Quartzsite. We stopped at La Mesa RV

In years past they used to have a free lunch everyday. They still have a free breakfast

We looked at the Winnebago Class A motorhomes they had in stock. Two Vistas, an Intent and an Adventurer. There was one Vista that could sleep 10

We stopped at the General Store to fill water and buy Tortillas

We stopped at a Flea Market where I had bought a Corning Ware pan. They had another with a lid for $8 and I decided to get it

We stopped at McDonald’s for 69 cent cones and went back to Plamosa Road.

Dug and Rhoda we’re back. Dug picked up the MC4 extension cable he needed, so we finished his install of the 327 watt panel

We then went back to work on Donna’s. We got the Battery Cables finished on the controller end and worked on the Inverter to Shore Power 120 VAC connection

We had Tacos for dinner. Donna made the Taco Meat, Rhoda Pico de Gallo and Cathy Black Beans. I heated the Tortillas on the Griddle

Watched Magnum P.I. and YouTube videos

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