Thursday 1-30-20 Donna’s Birthday and Martinez Lake

Sunny, cooler and still windy. Overnight low 49F and high today 70F.

Ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk. Met a man from Alaska at the dumpster. Walked around the west side of Quail Hill. When we got back to near the motorhome, Joy had to see Judy and Bernice. Zoe, Judy’s dog didn’t like Joy getting attention.

Today is Donna’s birthday. She got up early to go to Algodonnes to pick up her new glasses and get a haircut. I asked if we could take her to Martinez Lake for dinner. She said yes.

We left for Martinez Lake at 2:30PM. We went past YPG and north on US-95 to Martinez Lake Road

We headed east past the YPG Iraqis village

We then stopped at the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

The building is very nice with interesting gardens and displays

They have three resident torteses. Only one was visible at the entrance to his burrough.

As we left the Visitor Center, we could see the Tethered Aeostats used for border surveillance

and in the air

We then went to the Martinez Lake Cantina for dinner

It is a large facility with restaurant, bar, game room and patio. The view of the Colorado River through the all glass back bar is very nice.

Donna and I each ordered an 805 draft beer. Donna ordered a beef sandwich and clam chowder with jalapenos, Cathy a chicken sandwich, and I ordered a Tender Basket. We all could eat only half, so will finish tomorrow

Watched “The Deputy” and “Law and Order SVU”

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