Thursday 1-9-20 Move to Imperial Dam

Got up and made coffee. Toasted a bagel and took Joy for her morning walk.

Got the motorhome ready to leave.

Took Joy out to play ball.

Took the garbage down to the dumpsters.

Got the Equinox ready to tow and hooked up

Had to take a picture of the motorhome with 20 solar panels

Drove in to Pilot to fill with gas. They were doing construction by the pumps that are easiest for a motorhome towing a car

Finally got to the pump and started pumping gas

$2.809 gal and 58 gallons

Headed south on AZ-95 to YPG and then Imperial Dam.

Dumped and filled water

Checked cell signal and found it spotty. Decided to stay at Ocotillo Flat next to Christian Center where we have always stayed. We parked where Bob and Doris always parked

We headed to Bard to get our mail

There was a lot of mail

We headed into Yuma. As I drove by Harbor Freight I saw something terrible, it was closed. Luckily as we drove by 99 Cent Only, I saw that Harbor Freight had moved two blocks and was next to 99 Cent Only.

Stopped at Walmart for a few things. Drove to Foothills 99 Cent Only. Got some shallots and onions.

Got car washed in car wash in the same shopping center.

Stopped at Fry’s for pork chops.

Got back to motorhome and redid Mac and cheese leftovers

That with salad and Hong Kong beer was dinner.

Watched sitcoms on CBS

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