Tuesday 1-21-20 Police Across the Road Donna’s Solar Install

Cloudy and even a little rain this morning. 47F overnight and 61F for a high. Sun started to come out after noon.

Took Joy for a short walk after my breakfast.

Noticed a police car across the road

Dug and I got an early start on Donna’s solar install.

I used a hole saw to mount cable glands on refrigerator vent

Took us most of the day to get the PV cables to where the controller will be mounted

Donna went in to Herb’s Hardware for plywood backboard and grommets

I mounted the components on the backboard

We got PV cable run the whole way and cable glands in place for battery cables

We haven’t decided how to mount the Battery Monitor and Inverter Switch

Dug made chili and their friend Noah came over for dinner. She came last year for Angela’s dumplings. She has a 24′ Safari Trek

After dinner we sat around campfire

Watched YouTube videos

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