Tuesday 1-28-20 Donna Goes to Los Algodonnes Dentist

Another very nice day. Sunny and warm this morning. Overnight low ,49F and high today was 77F.

Usual breakfast. Walked Joy and talked to James from Oregon. He is in a 1987 Toyota Class C. He and his wife are on their way to Oklahoma. They are moving to be close to wife’s mother. He has been working in Yuma, but got layed off yesterday.

Donna left early for an 8:00AM dental appointment in Los Algodonnes. She was back by noon. She had 4 implants and an extraction. She felt good considering.

Sat outside and read. When Donna came outside after a nap, I went over to check out her TV antenna. Everything checked out, but she wasn’t getting any channels. Turned out her antenna is super directionally sensitive. Now she is getting all the channels. Her bedroom GFCI receptacle trips when she plugs in the Bedroom TV. I may have to make an Edison Plug for the inverter.

We had chili for dinner. Donna brought some of her daughter Darcy’s sausage.

Watched NCIS, FBI and FBI Most Wanted.

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