Tuesday 1-7-20 Move to Quartzite La Posa South LTVA

Got up, had the usual breakfast.

Took Joy for a walk. Ran into Bill from British Columbia. He asked if I had seen a beagle. His had just taken off. He then spotted it

The dog, a beagle named Dog, didn’t respond to being called. We followed for a bit and Bill said he had to go back to RV to the toilet. Two women from British Columbia got hold of Dog, but couldn’t hold on to her. She didn’t have a collar. She got away from the women and went down a gully. She had several Cholla needles in her snout. I followed her and then Bill came back. We lost her again.

I took Joy back to the motorhome and got it ready to tow.

I then went into Lake Havasu City to the BLM office to check on dispersed camping near Parker Fair Grounds.

Then went to 99 Cent Only for produce. Got $6 worth, which was quite a bit.

Got back to motorhome and Cathy was ready to go.

Took Joy for a walk. Talked to Ken in the Pleasure Way next to us

He is from Thunder Bay Ontario. Someone side swiped him going into a campground at Lake Meade. He had a motorcycle in the trailer.

Walked up towards Bill’s. There was a fifth wheel with a semi tractor set up to pull fifth wheel and carry a Smart Car

Bill’s motorhome was gone, but he had chairs keeping the spot. Don’t know if he found Dog.

Said goodbye to Rick and Debbie from Bay Area.

Got motorhome turned around and Equinox hooked up

Left about 2:30 PM.

Came across an accident near turn to London Bridge

and another one a couple more blocks on

Got to La Posa South at 4:30 PM. The office was closed.

Went to RV Pit Stop for water, $5 to fill

Cathy found out we could buy LTVA permit on line, so we went back to La Posa South.

There are more RVs here than I have ever seen

Found a nice spot with my favorite view

After setting up and unhooking, I played ball with Joy

We had Chef’s Salads for dinner

Watched Jeopardy Tournament. Then Walker Texas Ranger on Charge TV

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