Wednesday 1-15-20 WRTR Blue Water Casino Beer Belly’s

Another warm sunny day in the desert.

We drove to cars up to the La Paz County Fairgrounds, site of the WRTR. Men weren’t allowed, so we drove to the Blue Water Casino

Donna and Jeanne got Players Cards and played their free $10

Jeanne won $17.44 and Donna lost everything

We left the casino and stopped at the Parker Walmart

I saw a fake Winnebago

We stopped at Daniel’s Fresh Jerky do Jeanne could get some Jerky for her son. We sampled the jerky and it was tasty

They had a lot of shit


We stopped at Running Man for fuel. The diesel lines were so long I didn’t fill

We made a brief stop at the motorhomes and went into Quartzite

Parked at Tyson Wells so Donna and Jeanne could walk through it. We planned on meeting at Beer Belly’s at 4:30 PM. I went directly to Beer Belly’s

The live entertainment was The Young Kidz Joe and Carol

Cathy, Donna and Jeanne showed up right at 4:30PM and had a beer

Donna and Jeanne tried the chair at the entrance

We went over to the Yaght Club for dinner

They lost their liquor license, so it was just water with dinner

They have a different way of designating the restrooms


After dinner we went back to Plamosa Road and started a campfire. Donna made coffee.

Our neighbors from Tennessee came over just as Jeanne and Donna were leaving. Cathy and I stayed and talked with them for awhile

So many people here now, streaming isn’t working tonight

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