Wednesday 1-22-20 RTR Seminars and Shrimp for Dinner

Cloudy with drizzle this morning. Low overnight 49F and high today 67F.

Donna, Rhoda, Dug and I left for the La Paz County Fairgrounds at 9:20AM for the RTR Seminars. At 10:00AM we went to “Medical in Algodonnes/Travel in Baja”. We learned quite a bit about going to Mexico. The Algodonnes was done by Silvianne Delmars

and Travel in Baja by Frank Lagoria

I looked at the van bought and converted by HOWA for a needy person

We went to Running Man Gas for diesel

Then to Walmart. We bought shrimp to grill for dinner

We then went back to the RTR for the “Way Up North (Traveling Canada Alaska)” seminar done by Madison Pruet

He gave a lot of good information about going to Alaska

We got back about 3:00PM. We got a little more done on Donna’s solar install and got Dug’s solar panel installed on his roof

An older Rat Terrier came into our camp. Her name is Jasmine and her owners were trying to catch her. She is 20 years old, deaf and mostly blind

Everyone was busy getting things ready for dinner. Donna was making rice, Rhoda a salad and Dug shrimp

Jasmine’s owner came over with another Rat Terrier named Zoe, she is 14 years old. They also have two Chihuahuas, all four are girls

There was a beautiful sunset

The dinner was great

Donna thinks it was the best shrimp she has ever had

We had a campfire after dinner

Watched Fox News

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