Wednesday 1-8-20 Tyson Wells

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Took Joy for a walk. Met a man from Reno with a Yorkie he rescued from a homeless woman in Las Vegas, NM. The Yorkies name was Rufus. Joy seemed to like him.

Took our on line LTVA permit to La Posa South office

Went in to exchange for stickers. They said I had to go across the road to La Posa West

Went back to motorhome and played ball with Joy.

Made a Salami sandwich for lunch.

Read my book for awhile.

We went into Tyson Wells Flea Market.

Parked next to this in the West Parking Lot

There were quite a few vendors

saw an interesting gas container for Jeeps

Looked in, but didn’t stop at Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care

There were warning signs

We met back at the car at 3:00 PM and went to McDonald’s for 69 cent cones. There were kind of scary signs on the restroom doors

When we got back to the motorhome, I played ball again with Joy

Made baked Mac and Cheese for dinner. First I sauteed vegetables in a frying pan

Then I cooked the macaroni in the Presto Kitchen Kettle

Then combined in a Corning Ware pan

Then baked in the convection oven

We had it with a nice salad

Finished night watching TV

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