Friday 2-14-20 Valentine’s Day Yuma Territorial Prison Yuma Old Main Street

Another absolutely perfect day. Sunny, no wind and warm. Overnight low was 46F and the high 75F. Had to have Oregon Trail Cinnamon Raisin Bread with my coffee. I have run out of bagels. Cathy and I exchanged Valentines and I gave her six fake roses and chocolates. We gave Donna a little red blooming […]

Thursday 2-13-20 Fix Donna’s Solar & Bill a Friend from Ocotillo Flats is Here

Another perfect day. Clear no wind, overnight low of 45F and high today of 70F. Had breakfast, made the bed and was about to take Joy for a walk. A car drove up and someone started to our door. I recognized him as Bill from Ocotillo Flats. He had seen Joy and Cathy and thought […]

Saturday 2-8-20 Los Algodonnes for Prescription Medicine

Another very nice day. Clear, slight breeze overnight low 46F and high 75F. Got up, ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk. Joined Donna at 9:00AM for trip to Los Algodonnes for prescription medicine. Went to the pharmacy next to where Donna had her dental work done We then just looked around. Found an […]

Friday 2-7-20 Finish Donna’s Transfer Switch and Dinner at Olive Garden

Today was a perfect day. Clear, slight breeze, 40F overnight low and 70F high. After breakfast and walking Joy I went over to work on Donna’s transfer switch. Reason it didn’t work last night is that one wire wasn’t in the wire nut. Decided to terminate the 10 ga NM in a 4″ sq box […]