Friday 2-14-20 Valentine’s Day Yuma Territorial Prison Yuma Old Main Street

Another absolutely perfect day. Sunny, no wind and warm. Overnight low was 46F and the high 75F.

Had to have Oregon Trail Cinnamon Raisin Bread with my coffee. I have run out of bagels.

Cathy and I exchanged Valentines and I gave her six fake roses and chocolates. We gave Donna a little red blooming cactus.

Went to Christian Center for UPS package and drinking water.

Stopped at Christian Center post office for UPS package

The package was a drone I ordered from Amazon. It couldn’t go to the Bard Post office because of the batteries

Talked to Mike at Ocotillo Flats. He was our neighbor when we parked there.

Walked Joy over to the dumpsters. Saw people around the travel trailer with the blow out. Met Jason from Missouri and Cherokee from Ohio. The travel trailer is Cherokee’s. He is a mobile mechanic.

Walked over and talked to Bill. He is trying to find a noise coming from the front of his Jeep.

Donna’s car was gone. Got an email that she was doing laundry. Called and asked if she wanted to go to the Yuma Territorial Prison. We agreed to meet at the prison at 2:30PM.

We met and went to the Prison Gift Store

Went through the Sally Port, which is original from 1875

Went through the museum that had a lot of information on the prisoners and superintendents.

Watched a video about the prison. When Arizona became a state they met in Phoenix to decide where the capital and prison would be located. Yuma wasn’t the choice for the prison, but over lunch time a Yuma entrepreneur wrote in Yuma and it was passed without looking at it

Because the prison had electricity and running water with hot baths, the people of Yuma called it the Country Club on the Colorado.

Went through the cell blocks

Went out through the Sally Port

Climbed up to the top of the Guard Tower

The water supply for the prison is under the Guard Tower.

We went to Yuma Old Main Street to eat

We walked both sides of the street. A man on a skate board was giving roses to all the women

There are several breweries


We decided to eat at Lutes Casino

A very unique place

The food was good and we finished with cones

I got caught and got a mug shot taken

The prison was used as a high school after it closed and the athletic teams are still known as the Criminals

Donna went back to Quail Hill and Cathy and I went to Pacific Walmart.

We went to Quail Hill via YPG to see if there were any signs for ope house tomorrow

We watched Dateline

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