Friday 2-21-20 Gila Bend to Why

Another great day. Clear and warm. Overnight low was 61F in Gila Bend. High in Why was 73F. It is supposed to rain tonight after 11:00PM.

We left the Elks Club in Gila Bend about 10:00AM. Stopped at Circle K for gas

Headed south on AZ-85 to Ajo. We were going to stop at grocery store, but parking was crowded. Drove on to Why. Parked at Gunsite Wash 2 mi south of Why.

Got motorhomes set up

Headed to Organ Pipe National Monument

It is about 20 mi to the Visitor Center and a beautiful drive.

There was an Expedition Vehicle from Switzerland

A group of Koreans in a rental RV

and a motorhome from Great Britain

We drove back to Gunsite Wash and walked Joy.

We headed into Ajo and stopped at the Plaza

It was designed in the City Beautiful Movement

We then Stopped at Olsen’s IGA Super Market and Ace Hardware

We drove back to Why for dinner, but the restaurant was closed.

There was a food stand open

We got three Sonoran Hot Dogs and took them back to motorhomes for a sunset dinner

We watched Hawaii Five O and Blue Bloods

Talked to Alan. Wish Alan and Angela were here.

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