Friday 2-28-20 Prescription Refills Runaround

Woke to an overcast sky for the first time in a long while. Overnight low was 46F and high today was 76F. Got mostly sunny towards the end of the day.

Had breakfast and took Joy for a walk along Montgomery Road.

Got a text message that my prescription refill was delayed and to call for details. I called and they said the system does that sometimes. She said I could pick them up after 3:00PM.

Checked things out on the Internet and had a Salami and chicken sandwich for lunch.

At 2:00PM we left for Walmart. Stopped at 99 Cent Only then across the street to Walmart. Cathy went to the grocery area and I went to the pharmacy. They didn’t have either prescription filled, but could give me 4 tablets of each. They said I could get the full 90 of each after 3:00PM on Monday. I said I could wait until Monday.

Stopped at Lowe’s for under cabinet stemware hangers.

Stopped at Dollar Tree for 2 more Margarita glasses. Also got some frozen Pot Stickers for the Air Fryer for Happy Hour snacks.

Got back to Rover’s Roost and went over to Donna’s and installed the shunt for her Battery Monitor. Need to make two 14″ cables.

On the way back to the motorhome I stopped and talked to Jeff across the street. He has 1080 watts of solar a 5 Lifepo4 batteries. He does Project Management full time on the road.

Donna joined us for Margaritas

We ate our Chipotle leftovers for dinner

At 5:28PM got an email that my prescriptions were filled. Called to verify. It was only the partial of 4 tablets

Went over to Clubhouse and had a Fifty Cent 16 minute shower with all the hot water I wanted

Took Joy for another walk

Watched Hawaii Five O, Blue Bloods and Shark Tank

At 11:30PM got another email that my prescriptions were ready

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