Friday 2-7-20 Finish Donna’s Transfer Switch and Dinner at Olive Garden

Today was a perfect day. Clear, slight breeze, 40F overnight low and 70F high.

After breakfast and walking Joy I went over to work on Donna’s transfer switch. Reason it didn’t work last night is that one wire wasn’t in the wire nut.

Decided to terminate the 10 ga NM in a 4″ sq box to a 10 ga SO cord and run the SO cord to the transfer switch box, rather than terminating the NM cable in the transfer switch box

I was able to wire everything at the compartment door and then screw the 4″ sq box and transfer switch box to side and back wall. Turned out nice

Made a Salami sandwich and drove to Contact Station on the Mesa to get another 2 week permit

When I got back there was a big Herren or Crane at our campsite

Decided to tackle Donna’s Inverter Remote Switch Panel and Victron Battery Monitor. Got the wires pulled for both. Connected the Remote Switch Panel, but will have to make a bezel to mount it. It is working now, so she doesn’t have to go outside to turn inverter on and off.

The shunt for the Battery Monitor poses some problems. Existing lugs are 5/16″ and shunt is 3/8″, not much room to mount in either. I am working on a solution.

Donna wanted to take us to dinner to celebrate near completion of the project.

Headed to Olive garden via Winterhaven. Parking lot was near full. A pickup was parked to take up four spaces.

People were waiting outside

As a party of three, we were seated right away. I ordered angel hair with a meat sauce and vegetables. The serving was huge

We were able to get entrees to take home for $5

We wanted 2 of the Lasagna, but the waiter brought 4. Cathy and I took 3 and Donna 1.

Got back to motorhome and watched Democrat Debate.

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