Monday 2-10-20 Quiet Day in the Motorhome

Woke up to overcast day. Overnight low 48F and high was 63F. Sun peaked through from time to time. Rain moved in at 11:00AM. .01″ total.

Ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk to the dumpsters. Joy wanted to visit with people, but nobody was out. She was a pill all day because she didn’t get to visit with people.

Made a Salami sandwich for lunch.

Spent the day watching TV and on the Internet.

Donna invited us to dinner of bean soup and brats. It was really good on a cool evening. We had caramel rolls for dessert.

Donna ran her inverter overnight and her batteries are completely run down.

Donna bought me a coffee cup in Los Algodonnes

Went back to motorhome and watched American Idol.

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