Monday 2-24-20 Why to Tucson

Another perfect clear day. Overnight low in Why was 52F. The high in Tucson today was 66F.

We left our camp at Gunsite Wash at 11:20AM

We went east through the Hohokam O’odam reservation on AZ-86.

We passed several schools. We stopped in Sells, about half way, for a break

We passed Snyder Hill, the free BLM site on the outskirts of Tucson. We had decided to spend a couple of luxurious days at the Pima County Fairgrounds SE of Tucson where Jerry and Lupita are staying.

We got to the Fairgrounds at 3:20PM and checked in at the office

We got site 138 and Donna got site 136 next to us.

I got everything set up and called Jerry. He was replacing the guts of his water inlet valve. I drove over to their site.

He offered me a beer and we sat and talked. They are on their way to Escapees Headquarters in Livingston, TX. They are changing their domicile from California to Texas. They are leaving in the morning.

Cathy called and said dinner was ready at Donna’s. We had her beef soup, coleslaw and potato salad. All really good.

There is a Walmart about 3 miles away. Donna drove us to the Walmart. Cathy & I ordered prescription refills. Hopefully they will be ready tomorrow.

Bought bottled water, English muffins, coleslaw and a portable CD player. The motorhome dash radio is broken, so hopefully we can play books on CD through a Bluetooth speaker.

Watched Bull and Jimmy Kimmel.

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