Saturday 2-1-20 Donna Gets a Working Inverter

Another nice day, 49F overnight low and 79F high with clear skies and light breeze.

Ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk to the dumpster. Met Reba from Oregon. She said her husband likes to talk about North Dakota. He was stationed at the Minot Air Force Base.

Donna’s EDECOA inverter died. She will return it to Amazon. We saw some for sale at Amazon Market Place. Donna decided to get the 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter.

Donna and I left about noon for Yuma, Cathy didn’t want to go. Stopped at the post office in Bard, no mail. Donna mailed some letters.

Stopped at Lowe’s, bought 10′ of 10/3 to install transfer switch. Bought 4″ sq box, but they didn’t have the 30 amp receptacle cover. Went to Do It Best hardware store, they didn’t have it either. Went to Home Depot and they had it.

Headed to Arizona Market Place, parked near entrance by Sunrise RV Parts

Went in for free as it was after 3:00PM. Donna bought the inverter. Just as we were leaving, Joyce called. They will be in Laughlin in a couple of days.

Stopped at Foothills Walmart for bread.

Got back to motorhomes and installed Donna’s new inverter. Both TVs worked. The bedroom TV tripped the GFCI receptacle with the EDECOA inverter.

Had leftover Mac and cheese and coleslaw for dinner.

Walked down to All American Canal to see the Cormorants on the wire

We passed Reba’s motorhome on way to canal. Met her husband Fred.

Beautiful sunset

Watched Law and Order SVU and Mike and Molly

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