Saturday 2-8-20 Los Algodonnes for Prescription Medicine

Another very nice day. Clear, slight breeze overnight low 46F and high 75F.

Got up, ate breakfast and took Joy for a walk.

Joined Donna at 9:00AM for trip to Los Algodonnes for prescription medicine. Went to the pharmacy next to where Donna had her dental work done

We then just looked around. Found an interesting Medical Mall

For some reason there was a Holstein cow at the entrance. A surgery center, a lab, an imaging facility, a hyperbaric facility, plastic surgery, a pharmacy and a hotel at center end. There was a nice coffee shop at the entrance.

We went through several other malls and then went to El Paraiso restaurant. Donna had a Chimichanga and I had Nuevo Rancheros

and coffee

The coffee was served with a packet of everything you could want to put in the coffee. I liked the mug.

On the way back we saw a lot of activity in the fields. They have harvested vegetables and are seeding Desert Durum

It is sold to Italy for pasta and Kosher food producers for Matzo. Yuma county has 175 different crops

Stopped at Bard Post office, nothing. I don’t think they put it in the boxes Saturday and Sunday

Got back to motorhome and walked Joy. Cathy and I went into Yuma. I wanted to get some nuts and bolts at Wally World.

We were held up by trains on Fortuna Road

Cars started going between the crossbars in both directions

There were 3 trains involved. When the one that had gone through the crossing and stopped, started moving again, the bars went up

Stopped at Wally World

Picked up a good assortment of screws, bolts, nuts and washers.

Stopped at Pacific Avenue Walmart for root beer, butter and bread.

Stopped at 99 Cent Only for Ramen noodles, but they were about $1 per serving, so didn’t get any.

When we got back to motorhome we heard banjo music coming from a motorhome that parked near us yesterday. Cathy went to check it out

When Cathy didn’t come back, Joy and I went over. The music was being played by Ray. He is a retired electrician and musician. Talked to him for quite awhile.

Had my leftovers from Olive Garden last night split between Cathy and me. Added some sauce I made

Watched Saturday Night Live

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