Sunday 2-23-20 Sonoyta, Sonora, Mex and Organ Pipe

Clear again this morning, overnight low 51F and high today was 67F. Light wind. Started clouding up in the afternoon.Left Gunsite Wash at 11:00AM. Drove to Lukeville on the border. Sonoyta is 2.7 mi from the border, so a long walk. A park ranger stopped in the parking lotTalked to him about getting to Sonoyta. He suggested we drive. We also talked to him about his job, the wall and illegals and danger locally. He said he normally works in Glacier Park, but came here for the winter. He also has worked in Zion Park. He was heavily armed. A park ranger was killed in Organ Pipe National Monument 20 years ago. There are about 500 Border Patrol Agents here.Went into the gastrak station and bought Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance. $35 for full coverage for 1 day.Drove across border and into SonoytaWe stopped at the first reputable pharmacy so Donna could get some drugsThe San Luis pharmacy didn’t have one drug she wanted, so we went to La Plaza Drug Store. They didn’t have it either. She also wanted Vanilla in a large bottle that neither had. A customer in the store said to try Vasquez LiquorIt was a very large store established in the 1930’s during prohibition. The clerk, Jesus, went to school in Ajo and spoke English without an accent. I talked to him about Tequila. He said he liked Jim Beam. He suggested 30-30 Tequila. There were two Lab type dogs belonging to the store owner. They had matching easy chairs.The store had many sectionsandandplus a furniture section. I bought the 30-30 TequilaWe drove back to Lukeville and ate at the gastrak Restaurant.We then went to see the Gachado Line CampThere is a building and the remains of corralsThe wall is right next to ita ranger patrolling the border came along. I asked him about the gap. There is a wash there and the engineers are still figuring out what to do.There is a ranch on the other side of the wall and they were playing loud music

We headed north on AZ-85 and took the AjoMountain Drive, a 21 mile mostly dirt loopWe got close to the top of the mountainThere was a Pit Toilet about half wayIt was clean and convenientThe scenery was very niceDrove back to Gunsite Wash while listening to end of the NASCAR Cup Race from Las Vegas. Joey Logano won for the second year in a row.Jerry called from Gilbert Ray Campground west of Tucson. They were full and he couldn’t get in.Watched The Rookie

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