Sunday 2-9-20 Quiet Day at Quail Hill

Clear warm morning. We continue to have perfect weather. The overnight low was 49F and the high today was 69F. The nice weather is supposed to come to an end tomorrow as a storm comes through with high wind and rain.

Ate the usual breakfast and took Joy for a walk to the dumpsters. We met Penny on her way back from the dumpsters. Joy was glad to see her. She told us about her daughter that rescues horses.

Checked things on Facebook and email. There was a picture from last year of Tim and Mary, Alan and Angela and Cathy and me this day in Indio

Wish they were all here this year

Joy wanted to do some more visiting. There was still close to an hour to the first NASCAR race of the year on FS1 so I took her out.

We visited with Fred who actually picked her up and held her. Then we stopped and talked to Judy and her dog Zoe. She told us about a fire yesterday that burned a Fifth Wheel Trailer to the ground in 10 minutes.

Got back and watched The Busch Clash, a 75 lap race. It all went well until the last few laps when a series of wrecks took out all but 5 cars. One, Denny Hamlin was 1 lap down. Erik Jones, Denny Hamlin’s team mate, won. Denny pushed him to the lead.

Cathy went over to Donna’s and I sat outside with a beer. Decided to go get some drinking water at the Christian Center and check out the burned trailer. As I was leaving Quail Hill I ran into Cathy, Donna and Joy coming back from looking at Desert Lilies. They got in the car.

We drove up past the Christian Center, past Snowbird Mesa to Fish Tale Flats near the power line. We saw the burned out trailer on the left

there were 4 solar panels on the ground

the appliances were still recognizable

that was the microwave and the axles

Had Chef’s Salads

Watched the Oscars

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