Thursday 2-13-20 Fix Donna’s Solar & Bill a Friend from Ocotillo Flats is Here

Another perfect day. Clear no wind, overnight low of 45F and high today of 70F.

Had breakfast, made the bed and was about to take Joy for a walk. A car drove up and someone started to our door. I recognized him as Bill from Ocotillo Flats.

He had seen Joy and Cathy and thought it was us, but didn’t see a white Jeep. He hasn’t been here in 4 years. His wife Lana died last summer. Their dog Cody died 3 years ago. He still has the same 2003 Tiffin Allegro motorhome and the same 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I introduced him to Donna and started trouble shooting her battery problem. She upgraded from two Group 27 batteries to two Group 29DC batteries, about a 30% increase in capacity. They fit nicely in the battery tray

Bill helped while I crimped new lugs on some cables. The problem was a melted power post

Luckily, I had ordered a couple of power posts.

Got her solar charging working again and her batteries were fully charged in a short time.

I was short a lug I needed because I cut the wrong end off the cable so couldn’t get her inverter working.

Went to Yuma to get the lug I needed and Cathy came along to get some baskets at Dollar Tree.

Stopped at post office in Bard for mail. Stopped at Home Depot for lugs. Didn’t have what I wanted, but got a temporary solution.

Stopped at Dollar Tree and Cathy picked up 11 baskets to store vegetables and pantry items.

Stopped at Harbor Freight for a cheap wrench set they have been out of. Now they don’t even have the peg.

Got back just in time for dinner. Donna made pasta with Alfredo sauce, shrimp and garlic bread. It was very good. We had boxed Oak Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon in the special stemless wine glasses Kathryn gave us. I think the glasses added to the enjoyment of the wine.

Watched the NASCAR Dual Race and Tommy.

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