Thursday 2-27-20 Quiet Day at Rover’s Roost

Mostly sunny today. Overnight low was 45F and high today was 74F.

After breakfast walked Joy outside the park.

Went to Walmart to order my prescription refills. They had the Albuterol tablets but not the Enalapril. It will be in tomorrow, so will pickup then.

Stopped at Harbor Freight. They had the wrench set I’ve been looking for.

Stopped at Dollar Tree and bought 3 Margarita glasses. Nicest Dollar Tree I’ve ever been in.

Went to the Meet and Greet at 3:45PM. No new announcements.

Invited Donna over for Margaritas, mini corn dogs and bagel bites.

A nice Chihuahua named Chipper and his mom Michelle stopped and talked for awhile. He was dropped off near the park 4 years ago. Michelle said she could keep him overnight. He is about the same size as Joy and likes to sit on laps. He doesn’t bark. Joy doesn’t like him.

Watched Tommy.

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