Thursday 2-6-20 Laundry Day

Finally back to nice weather. Clear, little wind and warmer. Overnight low 44F and high today 68F.

Ate breakfast and walked Joy.

Went over to work on Donna’s transfer switch

Very awkward place to work. Winnebago used 10 ga NM. I needed an NM connector for the transfer switch, but couldn’t find one. Hooked up the inverter and alternate power source. Cathy is doing laundry, so will pick up connector then.

We headed into Payson Laundromat on South I-8 Frontage Road about 1/2 mile west of Fortuna Road. They have a large sign on the Frontage Road in both directions

It is a nice laundromat

A dog barked at me to get my attention

His name is Tucker and he is about 1 year old.

I went west on Frontage Road a short way to the Home and RV Super Store to get the NM connector. It is a well stocked RV and hardware store. Connector was $1.19.

Stopped at 99 Cent Only for peppers and cookies.

Went back to laundromat, Folded my clothes. They have an interesting sign

Stopped at Sam’s Club for rotisserie chicken and Oregon Trail Raisin Bread.

Stopped at post office in Bard. The case for Cathy’s phone and some circuit breakers were there.

Tried to get the transfer switch working in the dark, but too hard with the 10 ga NM.

We had rotisserie chicken, left over potatoes, baked beans and coleslaw for dinner.

Watched Mom and Tommy on TV.

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