Tuesday 2-11-20 The Peanut Patch

Day started out partly cloudy, but cleared up. Overnight low was 39F and high today was 63F. Later in the day it was clear.

Walked Joy.

At 10:00AM Cathy, Donna and I left for the Peanut Patch. On the way I stopped at the Christian Center to verify our names were still on file for package delivery. They were. Then stopped at the YPG Visitor Center to see if they had information about Saturday’s Open House. The office was full of people waiting for permits, so I left.

We stopped at Wally World, so Donna could see it.

We got to the Peanut Patch about noon

It is on the Yuma Mesa, not in the valley

They have peanuts, other nuts, pickles, jams and other snacks. They make their own fudge and peanut butter. They have lots of knick knacks. They are also a Post Office. Donna bought us ice cream cones.

I stopped in the restroom. They had a lot of interesting pictures on the wall



Cathy bought 6 kinds of fudge, a total of 1 1/2 lbs

We stopped at Walmart and 99 Cent Only.

We had to be back to motorhome by 3:00PM so Cathy could participate in David’s appointment with the psychologist.

Cathy and I made taco hot dish for dinner


Watched “For Life”

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