Tuesday 2-25-20 Tucson Botanical Garden

Clear and breezy today. Overnight low was 40F and high today was 63F.

At 10:30AM we headed to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It was one half hour away.

There are many areas. I enjoyed the Herb Garden Area

They had cactus

and succulents

They have beautiful examples

They have yellow boxes all over in the trees

They are bee traps. When bees get established in the boxes, they take them to the bee farm.

They have a Butterfly enclosure

You can go in and mingle with the Butterflys

They have examples of Native American agriculture exhibits including Saguaro Wine

We wanted to find some more Jim Beam Coffee so went to Tuesday Morning where we last got it. There was a BevMor next door

We didn’t buy anything at either place

Drove back to Fairgrounds do Cathy could participate via video in David’s appointment with the psychologist.

After David’s appointment we went to Walmart to pick up our prescriptions

and then Fry’s

We ate hotdogs, beans, coleslaw and potato salad at Donna’s. I noticed a beautiful sunset on the way to Donna’s

Watched the Democrat Debate and YouTube videos.

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