Tuesday 2-4-20 Lunch at Dirty South BBQ House

Clear, but windy and cool. Overnight low 44F and the high today was 56F. Wind 20+ mph.After breakfast, took Joy to the dumpsters. There is a hill behind them to provide a wind break so she can do her business.Watched TV and checked out things on the Internet.Donna invited us to lunch at Dirty South BBQ House. It is located on a farm between YPG and Yuma on US-95 about 1 Mile south of the Dome Valley Road.We left at noon. It is a farm, restaurant and antique store.It is very unique. The menu is on a chalk boardThere are antiques for sale everywhereThis is the dinning areaDonna had tacos, Cathy a chicken sandwich and I had a pulled pork sandwichThe food was very goodWe looked in the various buildings full of antiques. The prices were very fairThis is also a Harvest Hosts Destination. Members can spend the night at participating farrms and Vineyards. A fifth wheel pulled in for the night. They had them park in the backWhile I was waiting for Cathy to come out of the antique store, our friends Jerry, Lupita and their dog Gizmo showed up.Cathy bought us Rocky road ice cream conesThey cost $1.50On the way back to Quail Hill, we stopped at a roadside chapelIt is small, but surprisingly roomyNice interiorWhen we got to motorhomes, I had to take Joy for a walk. Then I had to add some water to motorhomeI used a battery powered pump I bought at Harbor Freight.Watched the State of the Union speach.Ate a leftover salad.Watched NCIS

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