Wednesday 2-12-20 Dump Day & New Batteries for Donna

Very nice day. Clear and no wind. Overnight low was 42F and the high today was 67F.

Ate breakfast and walked Joy. Saw a Med Evac helicopter fly over Quail Hill

Started moving things to be able to drive the motorhome up to dump and fill with water. It has been 20 days since we last dumped

Drove up to the Mesa and filled with water. There was a nice couple from Ontario filling next to us. They are parked on Fish Tale Flats and saw the fifth wheel trailer burn. They had a Husky dog that tangled with the Burros and came out on the short side.

Moved over to the dump lanes and dumped

Got back to Quail Hill. Donna and I drove down to the Solar Store at the Christian Center

It was closed so we decided to go into Yuma for batteries. I called Starlight Solar. They no longer sell flooded lead acid batteries. They recommended Battery Systems. Called them. They didn’t have what we wanted. On line Sam’s Club looked the best. On the way in I checked Walmart and they had a better selection.

We went to the Pacific Ave. Walmart. We took the old batteries into store and physically compared them. Ended up getting two Group 29DC deep cycle batteries. They are 110 amp/hr at 20 minute rating. Her current Group 27 are 80 amp/hr.

Dropped the batteries into place. The cables to parallel connect the batteries were about 1/2″ too short.

Jeff in the Grand Design 5th wheel

came over to help. He made a new set of 2/0 cables 15″ long. Finished hooking up the batteries. They only showed 12.43 volts so Donna is running generator tonight to charge them.

We had leftovers and chicken salad sandwiches tonight outside between the two motorhomes

with a fire

Watched Stump City

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