Wednesday 2-26-20 Tucson to Casa Grande

Clear and cool. Overnight low was 40F in Tucson. It was 51F when we left The Pima County Fairgrounds. There were Gusty tail winds. The high in Casa Grande was 66F.

Packed the car and got the motorhome ready to move. Brought the slides in and the jack’s up. Drove through another site and dumped. The sewer opening was at the end of the site and would have required about 30′ of hose. Drove into a site until my dump valve was near the sewer opening. Dumped then drove to where I could hook up the Equinox.

Headed out to I-10. Had about 90 miles to go. Drove past Picacho Peak.

Stopped at Flying J in Eloy for gas

It was $2.49 before the discount

Drove on to Rover’s Roost Escapee’s RV Park. We payed for 4 nights of Full Hookups. Donna payed for 7 and will get 3 free for a total of 10 days

We are parked in a nice site

Leo came with dog treats to welcome us. He had a basket of treats that Joy found very interesting.

We are in site 29 and Donna is in site 68.

At 3:45PM we went to the Clubhouse for the daily meeting

After the meeting we drove into Casa Grande so Donna would know where things are. We stopped at Walmart for refillable water bottles. I also got bagels and another box of wine.

There is a Chipotle on the Walmart corner, so we ate there

Stopped at 99 Cent Only for lettuce and mushrooms.

Dropped Donna off at her site. She was going to the Clubhouse on her scooter to play Bingo.

Watched Fox News and WDAY News.

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