Wednesday 2-5-20 Imperial Date Gardens Dinner at Donna’s

Clear, windy and cool this morning. 40F overnight and 60F high. 18 mph wind.

Had breakfast and walked Joy to be ready to go to Imperial Date Gardens at 10:00AM.

Got to Imperial Date Gardens in Bard at 10:15AM. There were quite a few there for the tour.

Started with explanation about male and female palm trees

They actually plant the shoots that come from the roots rather than starting from seeds

He took us into the building

Showed where they sort

Then to the freezers

I looked inside, it was -15F

We then went to the grading area where we had to wear hair nets

The grading area had three women with a combined 80 years of experience

The packages are scanned for foreign objects

They have a nice store with candy, dates and souvenirs

We stopped by the post office in Bard.

Donna needed gas in her motorhome, so got a Visitor Pass and bought it at YPG.

Donna had us over for a rice hot dish for dinner.

Watched several episodes of Blue Bloods on ION TV.

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