Friday 3-13-20 Friday the 13th

Mostly cloudy to partly sunny today. Overnight low was 53F and the high today was 71F. No rain today.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee for breakfast. Walked Joy to the dumpster.

Talked to Tom and Pat next to us on the west.

Checked out things on the Internet.

Made a ham sandwich for lunch.

At 3:00PM took Joy to the Dog Park. Played ball for 45 minutes.

Went back to motorhome and across the street to Bill’s for Happy Hour.

Sierra is a nice Hostess

Made a Ham and Potatoes Skillet for dinner

Called Larry, our neighbor at home. Still a lot of snow there.

Watched “McGyver,” “Hawaii Five O,” and “Blue Bloods.”

Went to Clubhouse and took a shower. Nice shower room.

Even have a scale

Friday the 13th passed without fire consequences.

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