Friday 3-20-20 Showers

Partly cloudy today. Overnight low was 46F and the high this afternoon was 62F. Got sunny about 3:00PM.

Joy was worn out from playing with AJ, so slept in. I was able to toast an English muffin and make coffee before she got up. Had my breakfast and took Joy for a walk.

Was watching TV when I got a text from Kathryn. She wanted us to get to her house by 11:00AM.

Went to Kathryn’s. Cathy took a shower. We stayed until AJ went down for a nap.

Drove to the Express Gas Station so Cathy could check it out. Filled two gallons of water from water dispenser.

Went back to motorhome. Made chicken strips in the Air Fryer for lunch.

Took some pictures of RV Park

Looking from the north end

the propane fill area

the Dump

and the RV Community Building

the old RV Park area

At 5:00PM went back to Kathryn’s. I took a shower. At 6:40PM Erik returned from the field

We had BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Salad for dinner.

Watched sailing videos on YouTube.

Went back to motorhome.

Watched Gold Rush.

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