Friday 3-27-20 Replace Motorhome Radio

Another sunny, windy and cool day. Overnight low was 40F and high today was 62F. Wind 10 to 20 mph.

Bagel and coffee for breakfast. Watched Governor Cuomo on Fox News. New York is getting hit hard by virus.

Walked Joy, finally pooped at far west dumpster.

Removed radio from motorhome dash

Will have to combine these two cables

Will have Bluetooth for two phones when it gets installed.

Went over to Kathryn and Erik’s. I ordered a new burner for Erik’s grill and it came this morning. Erik had it installed and the grill cleaned up.

Watched “Lord of War.” Erik and I went in his Jeep to the Class 6 Store for beer. They have a good selection. They would only allow 10 people in the store at a time, you had to take a yellow bracelet

They had 6′ interval marked on the floor

We looked at the beer

Decided on a 12 pack of 805

Went back to Erik’s.

Watched “Grand Tour North Pole.”

Kathryn made Orange Chicken, Pot Stickers, Riced Broccoli and Rice

Stopped to fill three more water containers on way back to motorhome.

Watched “Nightline.”

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