Monday 3-16-20 La Quinta to Sawtooth Canyon

Another perfect sunny day. Overnight low 50F. Sunny all day but windy as we went through the valleys on CA Route 62. High at Sawtooth Canyon was 58F. Wind was 20 mph according to the weather app, but I think it was and remains higher.

Got up and toasted a bagel and made coffee.

Cathy took Joy for a walk.

I got things put away inside the motorhome. Then filled the tank with water. Had to use two hoses.

Got the Equinox ready for tow. Drove the motorhome over to dump station. There was a travel trailer taking for ever to dump

He kept rinsing his holding tanks.

Met a man from Riding Mountain, Manitoba. He and wife had a short Skamp travel trailer. It doesn’t have a gray water tank. They use a 5 gallon bucket. He was at the dump station dumping the bucket.

Finally got on our way. Dropped our window cards for Lake Cahuilla at the exit

Headed out on I-10. Went about 20 miles to CA Route 62. Headed into Morongo Valley, the first of 3 valleys with steep grades.

Next was Yucca Valley. Down to 30 mph at top of grade. Yucca Valley is really built up with a lot of houses and shopping.

Turned onto CA Route 247 and drove through Lucerne Valley. The top of the grade was only a few miles to Sawtooth Canyon, our destination.

We got to Sawtooth Canyon BLM campground at 3:00PM.

I walked around and picked out a spot. Unhooked the Equinox and drove to the campsite.

Waited awhile for wind to abate. It didn’t, so took Joy for a walk. She didn’t like the wind, but liked the rocks and started climbing on a large one.

Made Ham Salad Sandwiches for dinner.

Watched “All Rise,” “Bull,” and WDAY News.

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