Monday 3-23-20 Shopping in Barstow

Sunny, cool and windy today. Overnight low was 46F and high today was 63F. There was .02″ of rain overnight. Wind 20 to 30 mph.

We were planning on shopping in Barstow today. Called Kathryn and asked if she needed anything. She needed GoodNites pull-up diapers from Walmart. She said she also would like us to pick up take out at Chipotle. We drove over to Kathryn’s and left Joy there.

Drove the 35 miles to Barstow. Stopped at Harbor Freight to pick up windshield tool to put new windshield in Erik’s Jeep.

A lot of the parking lots have spaces reserved for Clean Air Vehicles

Then stopped at Dollar Tree for replacement ice cube trays. Got some chips, chap stick and dental floss, but no ice cube trays

Drove across the street to 99 Cent Only. Got some produce, cookies, ice cube trays and bubble fluid for AJ.

Texted Kathryn to order the Chipotle. Drove about 5 miles to Flying J. Filled the Equinox with diesel

It took 11.8 gal

Drove across the street to Chipotle

Drove to Walmart. We were able to get bread and the GoodNites.

Drove back to Fort Irwin. We got Covid-19 questions at the gate. Did we have a cough, did we have a sore throat, did we have a temperature, were we exposed to anyone that tested positive, had we been out of the country in the last two weeks. Got on the post and drove to motorhome and unloaded.

Drove over to Kathryn’s. Played outside with AJ and her bubbles.

Had Chipotle Bowls for dinner with a Moosehead beer.

Watched most of Aladdin. Went back to motorhome and watched “Nightline” and some YouTube videos.

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