Monday 3-30-20 Leave Fort Irwin – Stop at Lone Tree BLM

Another perfect day at Fort Irwin. No clouds and no wind. Overnight low was 48F. Although we weren’t there the high was 74F. High at Lake Havasu City, where we ended up was 76F.

Got up, made coffee and toasted a bagel. Moved some more things around in motorhome. Filled the fresh water tank and extra 2.5 gal container

Kathryn said we could come at 10:30AM. Drove over there. They live on a nice street in Sandy Basin

this is the street

There is a playground across the street

This is their house

While Cathy took a shower, I went to fill water bottles at convenience store

Got 3 gallons

Went back to Kathryn’s and said good bye

Got the tow bar on the Equinox

Pulled in the slides and raised the Jack’s

Backed up the motorhome and dumped the holding tanks

Hitched up the Equinox and headed out

Drove past the front gate at 1:00PM

the Visitor Center

down Fort Irwin Road

past southern perimeter of Fort Irwin

On to I-15 and turned south at Yermo to cross over to I-40

Drove to second Rest Area and stopped to walk Joy and check Internet

Joy peed and checked things out

Drove past Needles and into Arizona. Turned south at MM-9 onto AZ-95. Drove a few miles south to BLM Lone Tree 14 day area. Really, beautiful and where we stayed in January

Made Chef’s Salads for dinner

Watched Laura Ingram and then ABC News Prime. Couldn’t get ND channels.

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