Saturday 3-21-20 Work on Erik’s Jeep

Mostly sunny day. Overnight low was 45F and high this afternoon was 66F.

Watched Fox News. Joy was sleeping in, so made an English muffin and coffee. Took Joy for a walk to the dumpster when she got up.

Went over to Kathryn and Erik’s at 11:30AM.

Erik and I left in his Jeep for the Auto Skills Center where residents can work on their vehicles

Erik got a bay and put the Jeep in it

He was replacing the left rear leaf spring and shock absorber

It was his grandfather’s Jeep and Erik shipped it to California from Michigan

Had to cut the U-bolts out

Then had to drive the bushings out

Then had to pound the new ones in

Took about 3 hrs. Took it for a test drive and it felt pretty good

Stopped for beer on the way back. Got to the house and had beer and chips in the back yard

Kathryn made tacos and salad for dinner.

Got back to motorhome at 8:30PM and watched SNL from Buxton

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