Saturday 3-28-20 We Climb Mt Blackie

Finally a perfect day. Overnight low was 44F and high today was 65F. No wind and no clouds.

Watched Governor Cuomo again on Fox News.

Took Joy for a walk. She did nothing.

Decided to dump and flush holding tanks. Washed dirt off concrete pad. Cleaned out holding tank compartment.

Toasted a bagel and made coffee. Watched Fox News for awhile.

Took old radio cage out of dash

and put new cage in

Checked out what I would have to rewire

Made a diagram for cable. Will make it tomorrow morning.

Kathryn called so we went over to her house. We planned to climb Mt Blackie today.

Erik and Kathryn followed us to the Trail Head Parking Lot. There was a fire truck in the lot. We saw several firemen coming off the mountain. We went up the same wash they came down.

Turns out it wasn’t the trail. We decided to continue up the wash and across the ridge. Cathy headed back to the car.

There were lots of pretty flowers

The climbing got tougher, but everyone kept going. Joy really enjoyed it

We stopped to rest, Erik found a natural recliner

We finally got to the summit


AJ decided to sleep on the way down

The trail down was steep and a lot of scree made it difficult, especially with Joy pulling.

There was a good view of Fort Irwin from the summit

We went back to Kathryn and Erik’s. Erik grilled brats

Surprisingly, both AJ and Joy still had a lot of energy.

The round trip was 2.75 mi. 2 mi up and ,75 mi down.

Went back to motorhome. Watched Fargo news. Today ND ordered all travelers returning from certain states to self quarantine for 14 days and keep a log with temperature taken twice a day.

Watched SNL.

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