Sunday 3-15-20 Dug and Rhoda Visit

Another perfect day. Sunny and no wind. Overnight low was 51F and high today was 73F.Got up and made the usual bagel and coffee breakfast.Took Joy on a long walk through Dry Camping and back.Watched the Sunday Fox News programs.Got a call from Dug. We had planned on eating with them today. They had delivered their motorhome to the buyers that had flown in from Minnesota. Said they didn’t want to eat in a restaurant. They said they would be over in 1/2 hr.I put the awning out and got out 4 chairs.2 hrs later they showed up.We had a good conversation. They decided to cancel their Alaska trip. They had stopped to shop on the way to Lake Cahuilla. Stores were sold out of paper goods, rice, pasta, canned goods and bakery items.We went to ALDI. Put a quarter in a cart and went in

They were fairly well stocked.Went on to 99 Cent Only

Got paper towels, some produce and beer from Laos.

Went into Smart & Final Iris next door. They were totally sold out of the same things.Stopped at Ralph’s. Got the last

package of hot dog buns

Got some brats and the salad dressing I was looking for.Went back to motorhome.Retracted the awningHad brats and coleslaw.Watched NCIS and Fargo News.

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