Sunday 3-22-20 Day with AJ, Kathryn and Erik

Sunny partly cloudy day. Overnight low 48F and high today was 68F.

Toasted an English muffin and made coffee.

Watched Fox News all morning.

Went to Kathryn and Erik’s at noon. Kathryn made a nice Risotto Brunch

After Brunch we went to the backyard and sat in the sun.

We started a game of Pandemic. We played until a gust of wind blew things apart.

We moved inside

The board won the first game but we won the second. All players collaborate to beat the board.

Kathryn called her brother Jay and sister Alison and AJ told them about a little brother due in September.

We ordered pizza delivered from the Pizza Hut on the Post.

Watched the end of Frozen 2 that was started yesterday.

When AJ went up for a bath we went back to the motorhome.

Watched the Rookie.

Tim from Grand Forks called.

Watched WDAY news from home.

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