Sunday 3-29-20 Got Motorhome Ready to Go

Crummy day. Cloudy, 20 mph wind and cool. Overnight low was 42F. The high today was 64F, but didn’t warm up until late afternoon when the sun came out. It was calm after dark.

Watched the Sunday Fox News shows and Governor Cuomo press conference.

Finished the radio cable

and installed the radio in the dash

Made sure it powered up, but didn’t go any farther.

Watched the NASCAR iRace, a virtual race at the Texas track. Timmy hill won.

Vacuumed and dried things away. Moved a lot of things to basement compartment.

About 5:00PM went over to Kathryn’s. She asked me to bring the Dolce Gusto coffee maker. They had to send theirs in for repair.

Took a shower.

Erik made Beef Stroganoff and Asparagus for dinner

AJ wouldn’t eat either, even when bribed with candy

Watched “Skin Walker Ranch” on History Channel and “Corona Virus II – John Oliver.”

All three Olsen’s were busy with digital devices

Went back to motorhome and watched Fox News.

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